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Change management services for ambitious businesses

We don’t just talk about what your future could be, we make it a reality

Out with the old … in with the new

If you’re like most organisations, you know you need to change the way you do business, you just don’t know how.

Achieving sustained business change means getting rid of old-fashioned thinking and ways of working.

Reframing the way you think about business change to business transition. And with a focus on people, not processes. 

This was an incredibly challenging project in which Julian and his team showed incredible determination, focus and resilience under testing circumstances.

They delivered the first phase of a new digital tool, but more importantly they were instrumental in shifting the attitude and mindset of employees to embrace new ways of working and more flexible ways of thinking.

Photo of Jeremy Gill
Jeremy Gill
Head of Technical & Quality Assurance at SCS Railways
How we can help

Removing the challenges to achieving change

An ‘evolution not revolution’ approach embeds long-term transformation - whatever your business change goals.

  • Reducing the inherent risk of change

    Clear identification and communication of what outcomes are needed – and when

  • Get to where you want to go faster

    Agile approaches that enable continuous improvement and speedy reactions to new challenges

  • Ensure that change sticks

    A people-first approach that gets your team onboard from the start and along for the journey

  • Increase internal capability

    Coaching and training for your teams so you can develop new internal capabilities

Our services

Everything you need for your change programme to succeed

Our core services are aimed at ensuring you have a sound strategy in place and the right people & skills working to deliver it.

Even more importantly, we’ll provide whatever additional training & comms support is needed to ensure it’s not just your business that changes – it’s your people.

Your business will only change when your people do.

  • Business strategy & planning
  • Project management
  • Workshop design & delivery
  • Skills training & coaching
  • Internal comms support
  • ... and whatever else you need for your transformation programme to be a success.
How we do it

A simple three-step framework that delivers sustainable change

Our winning process is deceptively simple.

Cycles of Presence, Planning and Performing and a backdrop of constantly learning, communicating and monitoring.

And it all begins with establishing your business position, as it is.

Step 1


To get to where you want to be, you have to know where you are now:

  • Your current in-house capability and any skills gaps

  • The outcomes you are looking for

  • Your organisation’s readiness for change.

Step 2


Working out what we are going to do together involves:

  • Building your in-house capability through coaching and training

  • Planning the next stage of work bearing in mind the desired outcomes

  • Developing change readiness in your team.

Step 3


Putting things into action sees us:

  • Working out how best to collaborate

  • Combining your skills with ours to achieve successful change

  • Ongoing coaching/training for your teams so you continue to develop new internal capabilities.

Julian’s idea to create a private website for members of the Business User Group community was brilliant.

It made our change advocates around the world feel really included in our plans while giving us the feedback we needed from different countries, which all helped make the change programme a global success.

Henry Robinson
Director of Change and Transition at Pearson
Best fit

Change when your business needs it most

Our experience shows that the best results are with organisations that recognise themselves in the following:


Your company has to change

Whether you want to or not – but you’re not sure how


You've heard about ‘Agile’

But don't know how it would work for you


You're ambitious – and not scared of big numbers

Achieving transformational change isn't cheap!


Most importantly, you're willing to take a different approach

Because working with us is not like working with other business change consultants.

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