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Experts in delivering real business change

If our experience has taught us anything over the years, it’s that business change programmes are successful when they focus on people.

No matter what is changing, if your people are not fully on board, you won’t get the outcome you’re looking for. 

At As it is, we think there’s a better way – and we’ve got the results to prove it.

Bringing together a bespoke team from our network of trusted associates, we’ll work with you to design and deliver a programme of change that puts your people first. 

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Change will happen and stick when your people feel part of it.

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The key to sustainable business transformation

Your business change journey will only get you where you want to go if you understand where you are right now.

By taking a different approach than normally found in business transformation, we’re able to deliver extraordinary results.

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  • Reduce risk
  • Realise benefits sooner
  • Ensure change sticks
  • Increase internal capability
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Delivering real, sustained business change

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Changing the way businesses think

Make change less challenging: use the Double Diamond design approach
Transformation & change

Make change less challenging: use the Double Diamond design approach

To design the right solution, you first need to understand the problem (or change) you're trying to deliver. Enter: the Double Diamond.

Leading through times of uncertainty
Transformation & change

Leading through times of uncertainty

If you find yourself in a position where you need to lead through a period of uncertainty, these rules will help you do it well ...

Unveiling the UK's freshest business change consultancy
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Unveiling the UK's freshest business change consultancy

Find out more about our newly formed team and what makes As it is different from other business change consultancies

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